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5 Reasons Why Duette blinds Are The Best Blinds For Children’s Bedrooms

Duette® blinds offer unrivalled benefits in nurseries and children’s rooms:

1. Noise Reduction – Duette® blinds are proven to reduce outside noise by up to 45%.

It can seem like any little noise will wake baby in the first few years so reducing outside disturbances and is ideal, especially for those who live on main roads (or for new princes who have the world’s media camped outside their windows waiting to catch a glimpse!)

2. Heat Reflection (and retention) – Duette® blinds are proven to keep out as much as 78% of the sun’s warmth (as well as retain 46% more heat inside a room)

Overheating – and regulating body temperature – is something every new parent is careful about. Duette® blinds are the best blinds available for regulating an even climate in a room.

Moreover, Duette® blinds can be fitted directly into a window frame so windows can be opened easily allowing fresh air to circulate without blinds tapping against the window in the breeze or getting tangled.

3. Blackout options – With a array of colours and transparency options, as well as their added climate control and noise benefits, Duette® blinds offer light control and look stunning.

4. Child Safe – Duette® blinds are fitted with child safe operation.

There is a choice of operating systems, including SmartCord or LiteCord, which mean no dangling cords, or choose to motorise blinds with PowerView® motorised blinds.

5. They Wipe Clean! Sticky little fingers? No problem. Duette® blinds have a special fabric coating that also makes them water and humidity resistant, so they can be wiped down as often as you like.

Duette® blinds are available in a Kaleidoscope of colours for creating a peaceful and restful children’s bedroom.

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