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Automating Duette® Blinds With PowerView

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Just imagine waking up on a lazy Sunday morning and being able to open all of your blinds without budging from your warm, cosy bed? Well this has all become a reality with the PowerView™ system.

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PowerView™ is the smart new way to control the light, shade and temperature of your home. So once you’ve chosen your new Duette® blinds why not make them even more effective by integrating smart technology to control their movements at the touch of a button or to suit the time of day and sun’s progress around your home?

Many homeowners are already adopting smartphone automation for heating and appliances, PowerView™ works in a similar way.

Remote operation via Pebble™ or App

You have complete control of the operation of your Duette® energy saving blinds from the palm of your hand, either at home through the PowerView™ Pebble™ Remote or by using the PowerView™ App on a smart phone or tablet. For example, when you’re still out at work, you can set your blinds to close well before dusk to retain the maximum amount of heat. This is a huge home security feature too.

Power view

Another great thing about PowerView™ is that you can schedule the operation of your powered blinds to optimise your home’s energy efficiency – whether this is making the most of the sunlight for warmth or to keep sunrays out to keep a room cool. Let’s face it the great British weather can be very unpredictable but this allows you to make the most of those warm sunny autumn days to bring additional heat in to a home.

Within the PowerView™ App, you can create and schedule customised room scenes. So whether it’s for ‘movie night’ or ‘spring cleaning’, create and name settings to suit individual lifestyles and room ambiance preferences. Blinds will move to these pre-set positions when a setting is selected.

The system is ideal for conservatories where multiple blinds are fitted or for rooms where windows are difficult to reach.

Duette® energy saving blinds

We think PowerView™ is the simplest and most convenient way to power your Duette® energy saving blinds. Here’s why:

  • Customise and schedule room scenes from a smartphone or tablet – a Remote Connect feature also means blinds can be activated from anywhere in the world. The app is free to download for either IOS or android devices.
  • The Pebble™ Remote – adjusts blinds to any combination at the touch of a button. Available in seven stylish colours
  • Whole home control – numerous blinds can be operated by a single system and pre-set up to six different groupings of blinds, either individually or together.
  • Battery powered and plug-in options available
  • Safe by design – no dangling cords

Already envisioning that Sunday lay in? Discover how Duette® energy saving blinds provide a sleek and sophisticated look that suits every room in the home here!

Duette® energy saving blinds
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