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Blinds that can help children achieve a better night’s sleep

Research from the Sleep Council suggests that children in the UK are not getting enough sleep, contributing to the rise of illnesses like obesity and a reduction in cognitive ability and learning. Making sure children have enough sleep is a top priority for any parent but often environmental factors can be difficult to control and are compounding the quality of children’s sleep.

The clever honeycomb design and special fabric coating of a Duette® blind can help parents across the country to reduce noise levels, and control light and temperature in children’s bedrooms, achieving a more restful night’s sleep for children.


Mum of two Kirsty Hunt, who has put Duette® blinds in her children’s rooms, explains:

Environmental factors such as noise, temperature and light can be difficult to control, especially if you live on a busy road or have windows that are a bit draughty, but getting it right can help children to sleep better and longer. I installed Duette® blinds in both my kids’ rooms and it really has made a difference to their sleep. The blinds’ special fabric coating also makes them water and humidity resistant, so they can be wiped down – perfect for sticky little fingers

She added:

They look fantastic too – I didn’t have to compromise on colours. They will last them through to their teens and beyond

Research shows that rooms can lose 50% of their heat through windows – even double-glazed windows are insufficient to prevent heat loss – leaving children’s rooms fluctuating in temperature. By adding Duette® blinds to existing windows you can keep temperatures far more stable year round and help to reduce unwelcome noise from outside. With child-safety in mind, Duette® blinds are made with SmartCord® or Literise® operating systems, which remove the need for dangerous dangling cords.

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The NHS recommends that children between the ages of four and 12 should be sleeping somewhere between nine and 11.5 hours per night for optimum health and wellbeing. They also state that children’s bedrooms should be dark, quiet and between 18 -24 degrees in temperature for a perfect sleep environment.


With a unique design, Duette® blinds are proven to significantly reduce room noise by up to 45% and retain 46% more heat inside a room. Available as a blackout blind, they will also block any light from coming into a room.

Other tips for a restful night’s sleep include keeping children to a regular sleep routine, giving them a warm bath and story before bed, using breathable bed linen fabrics, and ensuring their mattress is comfortable, as well as avoiding screens directly before bedtime.

Sweet dreams kids!

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