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Bloggers love Duette® Blinds

If you’re looking for tips, inspiration or ideas for family and home then there’s a wealth of it out there in the ‘blogosphere’. We’ve teamed up with some of the best lifestyle bloggers who’ve given us their take on Duette® Blinds and how it could make a difference to their family home.

Moral Fibres

Wendy believes that “sustainable living should be hip, not hippie”. If you do too then you’ll love it here! There are all sorts of thrifty hints and tips for living a greener life that don’t compromise on style.

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Moral Fibres

Life in a Breakdown

Top ranking UK lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog. Sarah also runs UK Blogger forums

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Insulate your windows

Savvy Scot

There isn’t much this thrifty blogger doesn’t know about personal finance, saving money and basically squeezing as much as possible out of life!

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save energy

Larger Family Life

Tania and her husband Michael have 13 children and an award-winning blog. As if that isn’t enough to talk about, they are hoping to move to a self-sufficient mortgage free home this year.

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blind insulation
If you can’t stand the heat… try insulating blinds in the kitchen
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