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Bright Ideas For Blinds in Summer 2018

According to Pinterest, bright colours are a massive trend for home interiors this year – a trend echoed by Duette® energy saving blinds, reporting higher levels of search and sales of bright colours already this year. High impact hues are going to be hot (even if the British summer isn¹t!)

Injecting colour at the window is not only an easy interiors update ­ when sunlight shines through the window gorgeous coloured light effects flood the whole room. Duette® energy saving blinds are a great way of achieving this effect, with their unique honeycomb structure and transparent or semi sheer appearance (blackout options are available).

What’s more ­ these blinds don’t just put on the style, their temperature regulating properties help to keep a room’s climate consistent all year round (cool in the summer, insulation in the winter).

Make a visual impact with bright and bold window blinds this summer from Duette® blinds.

bright and bold window blinds

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