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If you can’t stand the heat… try insulating blinds in the kitchen

The kitchen is now the heart of many a home; not only for cooking and eating but also reading, working, chatting and playing. Blinds tend to be the practical window treatment of choice but when it comes to kitchen blinds, not all are created equal.

Welcome to Duette® blinds: stylish, humidity resistant and probably one of the easiest to clean blinds out there. What’s more they’re energy efficient, saving on heating bills in the home!

Being washable they stay like new for years, so any kitchen mishaps, like splats of ketchup and squirts of water (we’ve all been there!) can be wiped away, leaving blinds looking beautiful.

Kitchen blinds

From soft, subtle pastels and warm, earthy tones to bright and vivid colours, Duette® blinds can complement existing colour schemes and all kitchen styles; from an oak shaker kitchen to a high gloss modern kitchen. They come in transparent, semi-sheer and black out options and there are no visible cords; they can even be motorised for hard to reach areas.

Duette® blinds for the kitchen – benefits at a glance

  • Easy to clean: The transparent fabric is fully washable, and other types can be spot cleaned.
  • Don’t collect dust: Duette® blinds fabric is antistatic, made from spun bonded polyester.
  • Protect your furniture: UV resistant fabric protects valuable furniture from fading
  • Peace and quiet: The insulating fabric minimises unwanted outside noise
  • Clean lines: No visible cords or holes in the fabric
  • Will keep its shape: The unique honeycomb structure has permanent pleats that resist fraying
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