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Choosing the perfect kitchen blinds

The kitchen is the hub of the home and many property owners take a great deal of pride in their kitchen. Are you one of them? We all spend so much time in the kitchen that it’s great to have an environment you feel totally content with.

So to improve your kitchen, you should be looking at the windows and how you can improve the aesthetic appeal in this area of the room. With the right window furnishings you can create a truly welcoming environment.

So take a look at our top tips for furnishing your kitchen windows:

1. Avoid curtains

Curtains were once a popular feature in the home because of the range of designs and styles available. But they’ve started to look out of date, especially with the rise in window blinds. The last thing you want is a heavy fabric in the kitchen, instead opting for style and lightweight sophistication.

2. Consider the environment

With the kitchen you have to think about its uses. There’s plenty of water around and humidity can be a factor too. That’s why Duette® blinds are perfect for your kitchen as they’re water resistant and won’t be affected by humidity.

3. Think practicality

At the end of the day this is the kitchen. So you should choose something that’s practical. You don’t want to choose a fabric that will warp in the steamy conditions, but instead will thrive and continue to look stunning.

4. Storage space

It may sound simple, but you need a lot of storage space in the kitchen and many homeowners, opt to incorporate the window sill into this as well. This means you’ll want furnishings that don’t take up much room; making window blinds the perfect option.

5. Consider privacy

Is your kitchen overlooked by your neighbours? If so then there’s probably a privacy issue. But don’t worry because this is easy to deal with. Duette® window blinds provide a brilliant solution and will help keep out prying eyes whilst allowing in plenty of natural light at the same time.

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