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Control Your Own Budget

Homeowners across the country are reacting to the 2016 Budget presented by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to Parliament this month and understanding the impact to their own financial situation.

But while the macro economics of the nation may be beyond our own individual control, there are many small changes that can be made to daily routines to save large amounts of cash each year.

Here we take you through our top tips to quickly make a big difference to your bills and finances:




Turning the heat in your home down by just one degree will make little difference to your comfort level, but can save as much as £80-90 per year as well as reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions according to the Energy Saving Trust. Other small actions to take include installing and correctly using a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves (saving £80-£165 a year) and fitting a hot water tank insulation jacket (saving £25-£35 a year)

Check out for more information and ideas.Check out for more information and ideas.

Energy Saving Blinds

Energy saving blinds

A staggering 50% of domestic heat is lost through windows and with the average house spending £1,230 on energy each year that’s a lot of money going out of the window! With their special honeycomb design and coated fabric, Duette® energy saving blinds are proven to keep up to 46% more heat in the home and can make a big dent in heating bills – reducing energy bills by up to 25%.

Car Sharing

car sharing


Taking inspiration from Peter Kay and setting up a car share for the daily commute into work can lead to new friendships, a more sociable journey and massive financial savings! The savings calculator shows savings of £991 over a year for a 20 mile journey shared with one other person five times a week. Even a one-off journey booked through a car sharing service such as can offer huge savings compared to rail or coach journeys (from as little as £14 for a London to Manchester journey)

Don’t waste food

Food waste


According to, the average British household wastes £470 worth of food each year, or £700 for a family with children which is equivalent to around £60 each month. Tips to cut down on food waste, which in turn saves money, include planning meals, storing food correctly, getting portions right and eating leftovers.

Other money saving tips include only bulk buying foods which will not go off (eg tins and other staples), switching to supermarket own brands and using comparison sites such as to find the cheapest supermarket prices.

Cancel yearly gym memberships

gym memberships


With only 27% of gym members regularly going to the gym and over a third quitting after just one month, opting for a monthly pay-as-you-go membership can be a sensible idea. Around 2,200 gyms – more than a third of all gyms in Britain – have signed up to these memberships which allow you to buy discounted day, monthly and class passes which can mean significant savings compared with expensive annual contracts which may go unused. But exercise doesn’t have to cost money – walking, running and cycling are all fun, cheap and gym-free ways to stay fit and healthy!

So go on, take just a few small steps today and see the difference in your pockets!

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