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Create A ‘Brain-Boosting’ Bedroom In Three Essential Steps

Thousands of students across the UK are taking to their bedrooms set to spend hours revising for GCSEs, A-levels and Degrees.

New research shows that the right kind of learning environment can be just as essential to exam success as a solid revision timetable and hours of swotting.

  • Choose colours for concentration
  • Fresh air and blackout blinds bolster brain power
  • Natural light for brighter brains

Choose green and blue in the bedroom

There’s evidence that gentle shades of green and blue help concentration, memory and emotional tranquillity. Strong blues help to stimulate clear thought and light soft blues calm the mind. Green is the colour of balance and harmony and can, therefore, be helpful in times of stress.

Bedroom blinds

Fresh air and light create a sense of wellbeing

Duette® blinds are the ideal window treatment for brain boosting bedrooms offering light/sound/temperature control in one solution.

Bedroom blinds

You can open windows to let fresh air in but still deliver shading for computer screens and to prevent too much heat avoiding that stuffy, distracting atmosphere. Sunlight lifts the mood and improves energy levels, helping students to feel more focused and motivated.

And when it’s time for bed blackout blinds will help to deliver a good night’s sleep, refreshed and ready for a new day of revision.

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