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Don’t Let Daylight Saving Steal Your Sleep

The clock springing forward (Sunday 29th March) is always a welcome milestone in the calendar, heralding warmer and longer days. However, there can be a downside where sleep routines are concerned.

Early morning light can disrupt regular sleep patterns and bring an unwanted wake-up call. Equally lighter nights can spell trouble if there are children or babies in the house. Who wants to go to bed when it’s still so bright outside?

Bedroom blackout blinds

Luckily Duette® energy saving blinds have the answer. The amount of light we’re exposed to affects our circadian rhythm, also known as the body clock. We get a deeper, more restful sleep when light is prevented from coming into the bedroom using blackout blinds such as Duette®; waking up when our bodies are ready, feeling naturally refreshed and rested.

Blackout blinds also create peaceful havens for children and babies. Not only is 99% of sunlight blocked, acoustics are improved too. No need to worry about the sound of passing traffic, roadworks or children playing outside disturbing your little one. Installing Duette® blinds means up to 45% of unwelcome noise is prevented from outside.

honeycomb design

What’s more, Duette® blinds have a ‘climate control’ insulating action from their honeycomb design, which means rooms stay beautifully cool in the summer months as well as snug during the winter.

Here’s why Duette® blinds are perfect for spring/summer:

  1. Blackout
  2. Noise Reduction
  3. Climate Control
Making the most of Summer Windows
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