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Dress Windows in Denim Drift

Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2017 is an enduring grey-blue that fits effortlessly into any style of interior. And there’s no better way to introduce Denim Drift into the home than with some stylish Duette® energy saving window blinds.

Luxaflex 31-01-2006 wholesale-003507 Hunter Douglas Hunter Douglas Duette Blinds- Bright Blue Duette Blue Bedroom

Much more than an elegant window dressing, Duette® blinds are also an astute investment that can help to keep homes warm and cosy during the winter months. They can reduce the amount of heat lost through windows by up to 46% and save up to 25% on annual heating bills, that’s a significant reduction with the average heating bill currently roughly £1265¹.

Experts believe up to 50% of domestic heat is lost through windows², so preventing heat escaping through these ‘energy holes’ will reduce heating bills and save energy.

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Duette Twitter Image