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Energy Saving Blinds For Bathrooms

bathroom blinds

Practicality is the key in bathrooms. There is a constant battle with steam, condensation and humidity. The heat efficiency and practicality of being moisture resistant make Duette® blinds an ideal choice for any bathroom.

Duette® bathroom blinds

Skylights and rooflights are popular choices for space and privacy reasons in bathrooms. Duette® blinds offer great light control for skylight and rooflight windows. These windows are often difficult to reach but with Duette® Blinds PowerView® Motorisation system blinds in hard to reach places can be operated via a smart phone, tablet or remote control.

PowerView® Motorisation

Duette® Top down, bottom up blinds allow the blind to be pulled from the bottom up or from the top down allowing light flow into the room whilst maintaining privacy.

Top down, bottom up

Duette® blinds are show here with innovative LiteRise® window blind technology. Simple to use, the blind height can be adjusted with just one hand by gently lifting or lowering to the right position.

LiteRise® window blind technology

Duette® blinds are available in more than 300 colour, texture and transparency options for the perfect blind to complement existing colour schemes and all styles of decoration.

Duette® blinds

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Trick or treat? Choose Duette® Blinds and enjoy both!
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