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Energy Saving Blinds For Living Rooms

living room blinds

The perfect living room blinds will dress your window wonderfully, finishing your whole lounge with a look that mirrors your taste. Whether fitted in a cosy living room or open plan living space, Duette® blinds provide the perfect solution because they combine style with energy saving properties.

living room blinds

Made-to-measure to all shapes and sizes, they are ideal for both traditional sash windows – to stop draughts – as well as modern glass expanses and bi-fold doors.

Duette® blinds

UV qualities of Duette® blinds help to protect soft furnishing or wood furniture from fading and by cutting the sun’s glare by up to 99% it’s easier to watch TV during the daytime.

Duette® blinds have a unique honeycomb design

Duette® blinds have a unique honeycomb design that traps air in an insulating layer at the windows. The unique structure absorbs noise, improving the acoustic qualities of homes and absorbing up to 45% of sound, creating the opportunity to relax in the home with peace and quiet. They have been tested by professionals and are recommended by acousticians.

Duette® Blinds PowerView® Motorisation

Where living room windows are difficult to reach, tucked behind a sofa or other furniture, the Duette® Blinds PowerView® Motorisation system allows blinds to be simply operated via an app on a smart phone, tablet or remote control.

100% antistatic spun bonded polyester

Duette® Blinds don’t collect dust. The Duette® Blinds fabric is 100% antistatic spun bonded polyester leaving them antistatic and able to repel moisture and dirt. Making all blinds easier to clean and keeping them in pristine condition for longer.

Duette® energy saving blinds

Duette® blinds are available in more than 300 colour, texture and transparency options for the perfect blind to complement existing colour schemes and all styles of decoration.

Duette® energy saving blinds are not only energy efficient – preventing heat loss at windows by up to 46% – additional benefits mean that they’re ideal for every room in the house.

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