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Enjoy your conservatory all year round

Who doesn’t enjoy basking in a gorgeously light and uplifting conservatory curled up with a book, watching TV or simply relaxing and enjoying the peaceful garden view? Conservatories are often the favourite room of the house, yet the sheer expanse of windows can mean they can be under used as it becomes difficult to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature all year round.

Cold and chilly in the winter, the temptation can be to crank up the heating, dive under a thick blanket or simply decamp to the cosier alternative of the living room. Equally, while we happily welcome higher temperatures and lots of sunshine in the summer months, they can quickly transform a conservatory into an insufferably hot and stuffy greenhouse.

So, how to avoid only using your conservatory for just a few weeks a year when we happen to be blessed with the optimal weather conditions? Choosing the right blinds can make a massive difference and help to create a year-round space that feels light and airy in the spring/ summer months and can easily transition to a cosy environment in the winter months.

conservatory blinds

Duette® blinds feature a unique honeycomb construction that offers unrivalled insulting properties, helping to reduce heat loss by up to 46%. During the summer months, when conservatories can often trap unwanted heat, Duette® blinds reduce heat intake by as much as 78% and cut the sun’s glare by up to 99% thanks to an innovative coating on the window-facing side of the blind.

With this kind of climate control on offer, there is no need for expensive air conditioning systems or electricity-hungry fans which means even more cost savings.

And the benefits don’t stop at climate control; Duette® blinds also block up to 99% of UV rays, preventing colour fade and keeping your furnishings and wallpaper looking like new for longer.

So, why not make sure your conservatory is ready for the summer months ahead and enjoy your favourite room of the house all year round!

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