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Feeling the pinch after Christmas?

Make 2016 the year to save on energy bills to make Christmas 2016 very merry and warm!

When it comes to insulating our homes thousands of people are literally throwing money out of the window, and millions of UK households are wasting hard earned cash by not taking simple measures to save energy in the home.

Stop wasting money

But in just one year, the savings you can make on heating bills may even pay for next Christmas.

While turning the thermostat down is seen as an easy way to keep on top of heating bills, a survey has revealed that there is a low take up of gadgets such smart thermostat and boiler controls (only 2% said they owned one). The latest figures from Which? suggest that 5.4million homes are without cavity wall insulation and 7.4 million houses don’t have sufficient loft insulation. And people are missing out on economies to be made by fitting energy saving Duette® blinds.

The fact is that UK households could save nearly £900 in a year by taking some simple steps:

  1. Cavity Wall Insulation… Potential Saving £160
  2. Loft Insulation… Potential Saving £230
  3. Switching energy suppliers… Potential Saving £240
  4. Switching off appliances… Potential Saving £80
  5. Installing insulating blinds… Potential Saving £150
Duette Blinds

Save up to 25% on heating bills in a year with energy saving Duette® blinds. They have been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 46% when fitted in a domestic window.

Consumers can even work out how much energy they could save with Duette® blinds in their own homes by using an online energy saving calculator

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