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Five stylish ways to insulate your home

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When homeowners think about home insulation very few associate it with “stylish”. Practical and functional, yes. Making a design statement at the same time, no. But insulation can be stylish! Here are five ways you can make a statement and stay warm.

Door draft excluders (or snakes) can be a cute style statement for as little as £3 if you make your own. If sewing isn’t your thing then Not on the High Street has a fantastic selection, or Ebay is another good place to search for styles that suit your taste and budget.

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How gorgeous are these blinds? Of course we’re biased, but they are the ultimate way to insulate your home in style! Duette® energy saving blinds prevents heat loss through a window by up to 46%, which can result in a 25% saving on heating bills.

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Wall (and ceiling) panels can add another layer of warmth to either external facing or internal walls (useful for sound proofing as well) but while you’re at it, why not make a design feature in your room with wavy panels like these from Dreamwalls.


As simple as it seems, adding rugs to bare floors during colder months can retain heat. A timeless classic like a cowhide rug will be high up on many people’s must-have decor list. There are some super snuggly rug options that will suit all budgets if you shop around.

According to Which? “Carpeted floors are usually the warmest floor type. The nature of carpet makes it a good insulator in itself. However, a thick, insulating layer of underlay underneath the carpet will further improve its insulating qualities.”

Floor insulation

In rooms where you’ve got an open fireplace but don’t have a regular real fire, place a temporary cover in front of the opening to stop draughts.

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There’s loads of inspiration and ideas on how to make your home cosy in style on our Pinterest page – we’d love to see you there!

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