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Five Tips To Help Save £500 On Energy Bills

To mark Big Energy Saving Week which starts on Monday 31st October 2016, Duette® blinds has produced a handy guide to reduce household bills with minimal effort.

Saving money and energy shouldn’t involve shivering in a cold house or struggling upstairs with rolls of insulation. In fact it hardly requires any effort at all. These easy energy saving hacks from Duette® blinds can result in homeowners having up to £500 extra in their bank account each year.

Install a smart thermostat. A survey for Duette® blinds revealed that ‘thermostat wars’ are happening all over the UK; with 88% of men admitting they turned the heating down without their partner knowing! In fact, the Energy Saving Trust say that families can save £85/year for each degree the thermostat is turned down. Smart thermostats take away the guesswork (and the arguments!) as you can control the temperature at home remotely, get to know how much heating your home is costing and stop wasting energy on empty rooms.

Take care in the kitchen. Simply by washing clothes at 30oC; using a bowl to wash up instead of under hot running water; only filling the kettle with the amount of water you need – saving approximately £43 a year.

Install Duette® blinds. Smart insulating blinds start paying for themselves as soon as they are fitted. Innovative honeycomb design prevents heat escaping through windows, which in turn lowers heating bills. Duette® blinds are proven reduce heat loss by up to 46% and can reduce heating bills by up to a quarter over the course of a year saving up to £150.

Fit radiator reflectors. These clever products stop heat escaping through the wall behind your radiator, so rooms stays cosy. They can reflect an impressive 95% of the wasted heat from the rear of the radiator back into the room and could save households up to £40 a year.

Turn off appliances that are usually left on standby. Simply switching off TV’s, laptops and set top boxes can save up to £80 in a year.

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