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Gorgeous glass

The trend for glass expanses is growing; stylish insulating blinds are the perfect dressing.

Glazed walls, orangeries, and glass extensions that double as conservatories. There are now many options for the stylish homeowner to create extra light and a feeling of space around the house.

There’s been a marked increase in sales of glass extensions over the past two years as homeowners aspire to add value to their property and bring the outside in.

Glass is versatile as a building medium, flowing seamlessly into brick, metal, wood or concrete. It’s also perfect for period properties where the addition of a glass extension can allow the home maintain its authenticity.

Energy saving blinds

This growth in this trend helped by improvements in the manufacture of ‘frameless’ windows and bi-fold doors.

Industry expert Phil Brown of Pilkington Glass says:

The trend for blurring the boundaries of internal and external living has become really big over recent years, and glass can help achieve this effect. Glass also helps to transfer light around a property, which can make a room feel bright and airy.

However beautiful, large expanses of glass can have a downside in that more light can mean more heat when the sun is out.

Energy saving blinds

The solution is Duette® blinds. They reflect up to 78% of the sun’s warmth, keeping conservatories and glass rooms at a comfortable temperature, eliminating the need for expensive air conditioning systems or electricity-hungry fans.

And in the winter, these clever insulating blinds help to keep the heat in, giving up to 25% savings on heating bills.

It’s all thanks to the specially developed honeycomb design that traps air and reflects heat, and an innovative coating on the window-facing side of the blind.

Benefits don’t stop at climate control; Duette® blinds also block up to 99% of UV rays, keeping furnishings and wallpaper like new for longer.

Energy saving blinds

Reducing heat loss in the winter and reflecting heat when the sun is blazing makes Duette® blinds perfect for conservatories, orangeries and sunrooms any time of year, or in any weather.

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