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What Grey Says About You

It’s not by chance that ’50 Shades of Grey’ is the title for a story about a emotionally stifled, mysterious man with an enigmatic personality.

The colours we choose for our homes not only conjure up emotions within us, but are also a reflection of our personality. So what does grey say about you?

The colour experts behind Duette® blinds looked into the deeper meanings of grey and found exactly why Christian Grey sets hearts fluttering.

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Duette® blinds’ colour expert Kirsty Hunt said:

A ‘grey’ person is often someone who is indifferent and self-isolating, trying to protect themselves from the chaos of the outside world. They’re also cool, conserved and composed. What’s more, they like to be in control of their emotions and can detach themselves to avoid any anxiety. They tend to make fair and balanced judgments, and may be a good critic, because of their emotional detachment. The lighter end of the spectrum can also include someone who is practical, calm and reliable. The darker end is all about prestige, power and giving the appearance of a person in complete control

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Kirsty added:

People who surround themselves with grey in their home enjoy a colour that delivers neutrality and a tranquil environment. It’s the perfect shade for a balanced mind

With ‘Christian-Grey fever’ set to peak this weekend, retailers have reported a surge in demand for grey interior styling and products for the home. Trend forecasts such as Pantone’s Spring 2015 report features Glacier Grey as one of its chosen colours, claiming that it is a “perfect neutral” which is “quietly assuring and peacefully relaxing”.

Energy saving Duette® blinds are available in a kaleidoscope of colours, but if grey’s your thing then you won’t be disappointed.

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