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Heatwave Britain: Innovative Products If You’re Overheating In Your Home This Summer

Duette Blinds

With the UK’s temperatures soaring and #heatwave trending, it’s time to invest in some seriously cooling buys for the home.

  1. Duette® blinds

Duette® blinds are the original energy saving blind with unrivalled solar resistant and insulating properties that keep homes beautifully cool in summer (and warm in the winter). Duette® blinds reflect up to 78% of the sun’s warmth, keeping rooms at a consistent and comfortable temperature, eliminating the need for expensive air conditioning systems or electricity-hungry fans. They also block up to 99% of UV rays, keeping furnishings and wallpaper like new for longer.

Duette® Summer Insulation blinds
  1. The Fine Bedding Company’s

The Fine Bedding Company’s NEW, unique Cool Touch® Pillow, is the next generation in sleep technology. The pillow works by using thermodynamics; excess heat is absorbed into a ‘core’ and is only allowed to be slowly released again once body temperature is at an optimum level. The Breathe duvet also has unique properties specifically developed by The Fine Bedding Company. Advanced Smartfil® fibres blended with modal help to wick (remove) moisture away from the body resulting in temperature controlled comfort.

Cool pillow
  1. CoolBar garden patio cooler table

CoolBar garden patio cooler table – An insulated free standing cooler that’s doubles as an occasion table and keeps drinks cold. Just add friends.

Coolbar cooler table
  1. Slush maker

Slush maker. Perfect for entertaining, make delicious, refreshing treats using crushed ice and your choice of fruit juice or soda, the machine allows you to watch the slush-making process as it happens.

Slush maker
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