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Home Interior Trends For 2017

shades of green

Kick off 2017 with a fresh start and breathe new life into your home with a new look.

From organic greens to bright jewel tones and shimmering metallics, we’ve highlighted the colours we expect to see dominating in 2017 along with how to introduce them into homes with Duette® energy saving blinds.

If you’re redecorating, renovating or building a new home, look out for the following trends to include in 2017:

50 Shades of Green

Every year Pantone predicts the colour of the year, the shade set to make the biggest splash in the world of design. Pantone colourists take into account influences in the worlds of entertainment, new art, fashion, design, travel destinations, and even look at current socio-economic conditions.

The colour experts over at Pantone have spoken, and this coming spring’s key colour is… Greenery. A ‘fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew’

This fresh, acidic green has been named “Greenery” or Greenery 15-0343, to give it its full name. Greenery won’t be alone as all shades of green – Emerald, Olive, Apple are all on trend and we expect to wave farewell to the navy and midnight blues of 2016 and see dark green Jungle, Forest and Kale green shades take over.

Organic Materials


The outdoors is making its way in, and the organic materials trend is no exception. Wood and natural stone have grown in popularity, with sustainability and practicality popping up in home decor all over the place. Duette® energy saving blinds are an ideal way to adopt this trend in the home. Opt for neutral colours found in the natural world for an authentic look.

Jewel Tones


Inject energising colour into homes with dazzling jewel tones. Warm shades of amber, amethyst, ruby or garnet will create a cosy, contemporary look, while sapphire, emerald and topaz will shine bright at the cooler end of the spectrum. Mix with metallic and crystal details to add interest.

If you’re still hungry for more, come and pay us a visit on Pinterest, where we share even more homes and interiors trends just for you.

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