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Ideas To Create A Stylish Home Office

The number of people remote working has increased by more than a fifth over the last decade, which is directly influencing the way UK homeowners organise domestic spaces and decorate their homes. Maybe you are one of the more than four million Britons are now choosing the flexible option of working from home on a regular basis.

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Whether your workspace is a quiet corner in the kitchen or a meticulously planned home study here’s some top tips from the Duette® blinds design team on how to create a space that’s enjoyable to use and encourages productivity – with blinds that reduce noise, offer exceptional climate control and shading.

  1. Managing Daylight

Lighting is key to a productive work environment as it can affect everything from how people make decisions to how well they can see their screens. According to research by Cohere, good levels of daylight in an office can increase productivity and sales by up to 40% and creativity by 15%.

Natural daylight should ideally be the lead source of lighting, with artificial lighting increasing the room’s brightness to sufficient levels. Natural daylight is unpredictable and managing glare presents one of the greatest challenges as uncontrolled glare can cause headaches, eyestrain and reduce productivity.

Duette® blinds come in a range of fabrics from transparent, semi-sheer and room darkening options. There’s also an option to have two different transparencies fitted with Duette® Day & Night blinds which have a unique two-in-one set up that cleverly combines a room darkening fabric and transparent fabric, so you can enjoy flexible light and glare control on one blind with a unique style.

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Features like top down, bottom up with the innovative Duette® LiteRise® operating system, lets you concentrate the shade just where it is needed as the sun moves around during the day. Simple to use the blind height can be adjusted with just one hand by gently lifting or lowering to the right position allowing light into the room whilst reducing glare and maintaining privacy.

  1. Comfortable and consistent temperatures

Having control over workspace temperatures is proven to improve overall productivity and working from home means no more battles over the thermostat with colleagues.

Whether your personal preference is for a warmer or cooler work space, the most effective way to control room temperature is by controlling the amount of heat entering or being lost through the windows.

Duette® blinds help to save energy by preventing heat loss at windows by up to 46%. This can add up to make some significant savings (up to 25%) on annual heating bills.

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Duette® blinds are perfect for south facing rooms or loft conversions where the sun’s heat and glare can be a real problem.

Duette® blinds are made-to-measure for any size or shape of window including roof and skylights.

  1. Quiet Concentration

It’s amazing how much noise the human brain can filter out, until the need to concentrate arises. Duette® blinds can help create a quieter environment as windows and hard floors can make a room seem cold or noisy, as sound bounces off the hard surfaces. Duette® blinds can help keep internal noise at bay and reduce the effect of ambient noise from hard surfaces within the home by up to 60%. Duette blinds have been tested by professionals and are recommended by acousticians.

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It’s clear that homeowners should do their homework when looking for blinds for their home offices.

Duette® blinds approved installers provide a free, fully inclusive design and planning service – click here to arrange your free design consultation today.

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