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Making the most of Summer Windows

April is the perfect month to start thinking about letting the the summertime light into your home.

Lighter evenings and warmer days mean natural daylight can make the most of your interiors and brighten even the darkest of corners.

Unlike curtains, which are either open or closed, there are so many options with Duette® blinds. You can have complete control over transparency, privacy and even prevent up to 99% of UV rays with the black-out blind fabric.

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Wake up brighter
Blinds are an easy way to re-vamp bedrooms, without having to re-decorate. All Duette® blinds come with a blackout option which completely blocks sunlight from coming into the room and disrupting sweet dreams. The Sleep Council recommend keeping bedrooms dark in order to help production of the sleepy hormone melatonin.

Creating a bespoke style
The top-down/bottom-up feature means light can flood into the bedroom from the top of the window, but privacy is still maintained. There’s also an option to have two transparencies fitted in to the same window creating a unique look and feel.

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