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New Year, New Savings: Brits go online to get thrifty in 2015

Survey shows that Brits are getting smarter at finding new ways of saving in the aftermath of Christmas expense.

Christmas spending has now reached an all-time high, with the run up including Black Friday and sales starting much earlier than Boxing Day. Nearly half of us will have used some form of credit or loan to cover the cost of gifts and food.

Money saving blogs and online forums are now big business and attract thousands of readers every day. With household budgets still feeling the squeeze in 2015, looking online for inspiration and tips is a quick win for families looking to tighten their wallets.

Energy saving blinds

The team behind Duette® energy saving blinds has rounded up the best ideas from some of the UK’s top thrifty bloggers and from a social media survey, which reveals ingenious ideas on how to cut down outgoings. The results show we’re getting savvy when it comes to ways of saving cash in the first frugal months of 2015.

Bloggers top tips:

  1. Use cashback or comparison sites for every purchase you make online:
  2. Spend an hour creating a meal plan using the contents of your fridge/freezer before going shopping again
  3. Make sure you use all of your toiletries up before buying more:
  4. Go veggie one day a week – average meat spend per week for UK families is £13, whereas the equivalent in plant protein would cost half that.
  5. Re-gift your unwanted presents – just remember who gave them to you!
  6. Insulate your draughts and save energy around the home; the majority of heat lost is through windows. Investing in insulating blinds like Duette® blinds can cut heating bills by 25%
  7. You don’t always need brand new. Buy used items from local social networks – your town will usually have “buy/sell/swap” groups on Facebook
  8. See if you can save by swapping your utility or broadband supplier (this can also be done through cashback sites!):
  9. Cancel your gym membership if you go less than once a week. Join a local fitness or bootcamp group instead.
Energy saving blinds

Energy saving and insulation

Duette® blinds are a range of blinds for the home that save energy and start paying for themselves as soon as they are fitted. Duette® blinds have been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 46%2 when fitted in a domestic window.

The savings

Duette® energy saving blinds can reduce annual heating costs by up to 25%. With the average heating bill now hovering around £597 per year, this could mean a significant amount of money back into people’s pocket every year!

Duette blinds

Try It

Consumers can even work out how much energy they could save with Duette® blinds in their own homes by using an online energy saving calculator:

How it works

The result of 20 years product development and design, Duette® blinds insulate windows using a honeycomb structure and a special fabric. The blackout version offers the most insulation and there are semi-translucent and translucent variants.

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