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In The News – what the press say about Duette® blinds

Duette® blinds have been featured in some of the UK’s best newspapers, home interest magazines and websites this summer. Here is what they had to say…

In particular, the media has loved the fact that Duette® blinds help to keep homes cool during hot weather – and boy has it been hot!

The UK heatwave generated lots of advice on ‘How to Keep Your Home Cool During a Heatwave’ – and many articles mentioned that our energy-saving blinds that reflect up to 78% of the sun’s warmth and can be fitted to patio, sliding or bifold doors.

Titles included The Sunday Times, Design Buy Build magazine, technology magazine T3 and regional titles such as Cornwall Today. You can read our advice here

Featured in the Sunday Times

Our conservatory blinds also proved a popular topic for summer and were featured on The English Home and Real Homes websites in articles on ‘How to Choose the Perfect Conservatory Blinds’.

Featured in The English Home Magazine

This was the product image that The English Home featured. The article said:

Garden rooms and conservatories are a wonderful living space both in the daytime and at night. Consider installing blinds to create optimum shade when it gets too hot or to maintain privacy as the evening rolls in. The Duette conservatory blinds are suitable for both windows and roofs and can control the temperature of a room for optimum comfort.

Real Homes online also informed readers about the benefits of fitting Duette® blinds with our PowerView® system in a feature on Smart Solutions for Bedroom Windows.

As seen in Real Homes

They said:

Motorised blinds are a great option for loft or hard-to-access windows. The PowerView system from Duette opens them remotely via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and is compatible with tablets and mobile devices. These Day & Night blinds combine Anthracite blackout and sheer white fabrics

Our fantastic PowerView® system is also featured in the September print issue of Your Home Magazine – The Latest Autumn Trends to Update Your Home.

As seen in Your Home

The feature reads:

Alexa, close the blinds! Have you ever sat down on the sofa, started watching your latest box-set only to realise you’ve left the blinds up? Getting up can be a chore, but not now that Duette has released its new voice-controlled blinds system, PowerView®. Compatible with most smart home technology kits such as Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Nest or Apple HomeKit, the PowerView® means you can control your blinds from the comfort of your armchair. Plus it allows Apple iOS and Android users to control the blinds from their phone or tablet, and even programme their height levels based on sunrise and sunset times!

You can read more about PowerView® Motorisation here:

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