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Duette® the original energy saving blind

Although hot sunny days are very welcome in the UK, the sun’s glare can play havoc with keeping homes cool.

The original energy saving blind, Duette® blinds fabric has unrivalled insulating properties that keep homes warm in winter but beautifully cool in summer. In fact, Duette® blinds reflect up to 78% of the sun’s warmth, keeping rooms at a consistent and comfortable temperature, eliminating the need for expensive air conditioning systems or electricity-hungry fans. It’s all thanks to the specially developed honeycomb design that traps air and reflects heat, and an innovative coating on the window-facing side of the blind.

Benefits don’t stop at climate control; Duette® blinds also block up to 99% of UV rays, keeping furnishings and wallpaper like new for longer. These features make them particularly useful for large expanses of glass and conservatories, which can feel more like greenhouses in the summer. Available in three transparencies (blackout, semi sheer and translucent) and a kaleidoscope of colours, south facing rooms and summer rooms won’t be compromised on style – it really is the sensible choice in year-round window coverings.

To show just how effective Duette® blinds are at keeping things cool, they are put to the test with some chocolate ice cream and a heat lamp!

kepping things cool - Duette Blinds

The first video features a regular pleated blind, the second video features Duette® blinds in blackout fabric. See the difference between how melted the ice cream was after 20 minutes. The photo on the right shows a gooey mess with the pleated blind. The photo on the left shows virtually un-melted ice cream after 20 minutes behind a Duette® blind.

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Duette Twitter Image