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Perfect Summer Sleep – Advice For Bedrooms

Spring/Summer is an ideal season to update bedrooms with a fresh new look. It’s also a time when warmer weather and lighter evenings can contribute to loss of sleep. Duette® blinds, an innovative window covering with a honeycomb structure and special fabric coating, can regulate light and temperature in bedrooms.

Sunny bedroom blinds

Duette® blinds in yellow – a sunny and optimistic seasonal bedroom update.


Where, on first glance, they may look just like any other pleated blinds, Duette® blinds have a unique double-layered design that traps air in an insulating layer. They’re proven to reflect up to 78% of the sun’s warmth, allowing homeowners more control of the temperature of their sleep environment.

A special coating applied to the reverse of the blinds will filter up to 99% of harmful UV rays and stop bedroom furniture from fading.

From hot pinks and serene blues through to calming neutrals, there is huge range of on-trend colours, tones and three transparency levels in the collection, giving homeowners huge choice and versatility when renovating bedrooms for the new season.

bedroom blinds bedroom blinds

Sleeping with the window open is no problem with Duette® blinds when fitted with a Lightrise® operating system that clips directly into the beading of the window frame. This even includes tilt and turn windows.

This negates the need for hanging cords and allows windows to be left in any position without pulling or snagging the material. Plus, a top-down, bottom-up function gives limitless positions for light and privacy control.

Duette® blinds are designed to be safe for children and can be wiped clean so they’re ideal for nurseries or kid’s bedrooms.

kids bedroom blinds

Homeowners whose sleep quality is affected by noises from outside will enjoy the noise absorbent qualities of Duette® blinds. Duette® blinds improve the acoustic qualities of homes by reducing sound by up to 45%. The unique honeycomb design of Duette® blinds is created to absorb noise and ensure you get more peace and quiet during the night, the day and all year round.

Calming blinds

On trend Sage Green Duette® blinds in blackout material create a calming bedroom in which to relax.

And with the sun setting later in summer, Duette® blinds in blackout fabric will block evening light and make it simple to drop off to the land of nod.

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