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Quick and easy ways to insulate your home

The temperature drops and we instinctively look to our central heating systems to keep us warm and toasty over the cold winter months, but just how much of this heat is being lost from our homes? Whilst the energy and money saving benefits of loft and wall insulation are well known, there are also many smaller steps that can be taken to insulate and keep the heat within our homes.

Insulation savings

Get reflective

Placing aluminium foil on the wall behind radiators, particularly those to attached to external walls, will prevent heat disappearing through the wall and instead help it bounce back into the room. For a more stylish solution in visible areas why not consider heat-reflective radiator panels.

Mind the gap

Identify any drafts or gaps; the worst culprits are usually gaps under doors, windows that don’t shut properly, keyholes and letter boxes, but less obvious areas include where pipes and cables go into walls, behind washing machines and under kitchen cupboards.

Draft excluder

Draft excluder £36

If out of sight, you can seal the gaps with scrunched paper or plastic bags, but for more visible areas, most DIY stores sell draft excluder strips and keyhole covers. For doorway drafts you could even simply roll a towel or blanket, letterboxes can be covered with a “brush” insert and cat or dog flaps can be filled with sheep’s wool insulation or pieces of blanket. Cutting out even a small draft from these sources can make an instant and noticeable difference to a room so is well worth the attention.

Warm your windows

Duette Blinds

Prevent heat escaping from windows by investing in Duette® energy saving blinds. Proven to retain up to 46% more heat in a room thanks to the unique honeycomb design, they can reduce heating bills by up to 25%. Available in a kaleidoscope of colour options, Duette® blinds can fit seamlessly into your colour scheme of choice.

Chimney Sweep

Chimney balloon

Chimney balloon £18.99

If you have an open fireplace which is unused you could be losing a huge amount of heat so consider sealing the chimney. Having a chimney capped can be expensive, but another option is to install a chimney balloon, made from a special laminate, for as little as £30. It works by being placed inside the chimney, just out of sight, and is then inflated until it completely shuts out any incoming cold air or escaping heat. Just be sure not to start a fire without removing it first!

Cover up

Floors can account for as much as 10% of heat loss if they’re not insulated, according to the National Energy Foundation (NEF). Rugs and blankets can help to mitigate the heat loss and have the added bonus of keeping your feet warm, but if there are cracks in the flooring it’s a good idea to try to seal up the gaps.

Just a few small actions can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. Why not try a simple step today and see if you feel the difference?

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