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‘Sleeptember’ is here – is your bedroom ready?

Bedroom Blinds

Insulating blinds are a smart investment for sleep-inducing bedrooms.

The health benefits of a good night’s sleep are well documented. From improving our mood, concentration and even appearance, it’s no wonder our bodies need to spend a third of our lifetime in dreamland.

One of the first things The Sleep Council* recommend to set the scene for an undisturbed night’s sleep is to make sure the bedroom is cool, quiet and dark.

Duette® blinds tick all the boxes for helping to create that all important peaceful haven.



Early morning light can disrupt regular sleep patterns and bring an unwanted early wake-up call. Duette® blinds block 100% of sunlight (and artificial street lighting).

Climate Control

Duette® blinds honeycomb cell structure traps air which keeps rooms at a consistently comfortable temperature; neither too hot nor too cold. This is also good news for energy bills, which can be reduced by up to 25%.


No need to worry about the sound of passing traffic, roadworks or other children playing outside disturbing your little one. Installing Duette® blinds means up to 45% of unwelcome noise is prevented from outside.


There is also the option to mix and match the fabrics, so using a semi-sheer during the day and blackout at night.

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