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As our lives and environments become increasingly high tech, with smart TVs and appliances now seen in even the most modest of houses, the idea of a smart home is no longer something reserved for the distant future. Imagine a home in which all your appliances, clocks, speakers, blinds, you name it, could be controlled remotely with just the touch of a button!

Here we take a look at some of the new technologies and gadgets which are set to transform your home and the way you manage it.

Nest Thermostat

From £249

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a gorgeous looking and truly innovative device which enables you to remotely control the temperature of your home from your phone, tablet or PC. It learns your habits and is able to program itself in response within a week whilst remote access means that you can over-ride the program should you need to; for example to turn off the hot water or heating if away from home, or schedule to come on before you get home.

Samsung’s Smart Things system

From £199 smartthings

Samsung’s Smart Things system lets you monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere, transforming any home into a smart home. Motion sensors can alert you to any unexpected activity whilst you are away and even detect if any windows, doors or cabinets have been left open. The Power Outlet can control lights, electronics and small appliances meaning that you can even start the washing machine whilst away from home!

WeMo line from Belkin

From £39.99

The WeMo line from Belkin uses your WiFi network or mobile internet signal to provide wireless control of your electronic devices around the home. Whether you want to turn a light on or off while you’re at work or just don’t want to move from bed to turn the stereo on, this switch makes it simple to control your devices.

Duette® motorised electric blinds offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience, providing the ability to control the look and ambience of a home at just the touch of a button. Controls can be fitted to walls or remote, battery powered controls are also available for the ultimate in flexible control.

In homes with many windows, or those that are particularly hard to reach, automated blinds remove the hassle of manually opening and closing shades and blinds.

Duette® blinds

Across a bank of windows, each shade can move in perfect alignment, offering elegant and impressive positioning in just one fluid movement. With such an appealing function, installing motorised window treatments can be a real selling point when selling a home, adding real value to your property.

Duette® blinds

And who can deny the appeal of setting the mood and ambience of a room with just the touch of a button? Get ready to relax as you draw the blinds, start the entertainment system and dim the lights in just one smooth gesture.

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