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Smart ways to save £500 in a year

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Take advantage of the latest technology and old fashioned thrifty tips to cut your bills by £500 in a year

Fuel prices may be coming down and we’re told our energy bills should too, but you can taking matters into your own hands and start saving today. These simple ideas could mean around an extra £500 in your bank account in just 12 months.

  1. Install a smart thermostat
smart thermostat

A recent survey on behalf of Duette® blinds found that ‘thermostat wars’ are happening all over the UK; with 88% of men admitting they turned the heating down without their partner knowing. In fact, Energy Saving Trust say that families can save £85/year for each degree the thermostat is turned down.

Smart thermostats take away the guesswork (and the arguments!) as you can control the temperature at home remotely, get to know how much heating your home is costing and stop wasting energy on empty rooms. tado° claim they can save up to £200 a year for the average family on heating bills.

based on a 4 room flat and £800 heating costs – tado°

  1. Take care in the kitchen
kitchen energy savers

Simply by washing clothes at 30oC; using a bowl to wash up instead of under hot running water; only filling the kettle with the amount of water you need – £43 a year

  1. Fit radiator reflectors
radiator reflector

These clever products stop heat escaping through the wall behind your radiator, so your home stays cosy and you save money – up to £40 a year; is a good option. – Based on a typical four-bed property using eight sheets of Radflek; a British Gas Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) of 5.71p per kWh (September 2014)

  1. Install Duette® Blinds
Duette Blinds

Smart insulating blinds start paying for themselves as soon as they are fitted. Innovative design prevents heat escaping through windows, which in turn lowers heating bills. Duette® blinds are proven reduce heat loss by up to 46% and can reduce heating bills by up to a quarter over the course of a year saving up to £150

Based on an average energy bill of £1,350, 44% of which is attributable to heating costs. To find out more about Duette® blinds, visit Prices start from around £150. Duette® blinds have been tested by Milieu Central (Netherlands) and the Fraunhofer Institut (Germany)

  1. Turn off appliances that are usually left on standby.
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Save up to £80

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