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Stay warm without turning up the heat

Bedroom Blinds

Spring may be around the corner, but it still feels pretty cold out there to us so we will be trying our best to keep snug and warm for just a little while longer. But transforming your home into a cosy and inviting haven doesn’t have to involve reaching for the thermostat… our helpful tips for keeping warm without adding to your heating bills.


Edit your room

Move sofas and furniture away from radiators to make sure heat can effectively circulate around the room. If you have bare floors, consider adding a rug as floors can account for as much as 10% of heat loss if not insulated and a rug will keep your toes warm and snuggly!

Get snuggly

Hand warmers filled with rice and lavender or a luxurious hot water bottle wrapped in a cashmere cover can be wonderfully relaxing and warming. Snuggle up on the sofa or pop them under your duvet before bed for a gorgeously snuggly slumber.

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Dress in layers around the house with thermal underlayers, a soft pair of slippers of socks and even a stretchy fleece neck warmer to keep chills at bay.

Optimise your windows

Invest in Duette® energy saving blinds which have been proven to retain up to 46% more heat in a room and reduce heating bills by up to 25%. Available in a kaleidoscope of colour options, Duette® blinds can fit seamlessly into your colour scheme of choice.


Stay active

The best way to generate heat is to keep active! Do yoga, run around, stretch, clean out your cupboards or catch up with your cleaning – just keep your body moving!

Drink up

Although cold drinks have been proven to trigger your body’s instinct to generate heat and warm up, drinking deliciously hot drinks such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate is an effective placebo. Soups and stews are also wonderfully warming and comforting when temperatures drop.

Have an early night


Well, it is almost Valentine’s Day after all! Your bed will always seem like the warmest place in the house, but you can make it even warmer with clever sheet choices. Swap cotton for flannel, add throws in sumptuous and snuggly fabrics or invest in a fluffy natural goose down duvet.

We love the Natural Goose Down Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company, which offers the ultimate in luxury and superior warmth thanks to its plump, fluffy goose down filling (available from £70 from ) And although it might seem counter-intuitive, removing layers of clothing and cuddling up with someone is a great way of sharing body heat and staying warm!

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