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Top marks for Bedroom Blinds: how to create the perfect environment for revision

Bedroom Blinds

Early summer heralds exam time with students across the nation taking to their bedrooms and study spaces to clock up hours of revision time for the upcoming GCSE, A-Level and University exams. But the summer sun can be more than just a tempting distraction from studies, it can also disrupt regular sleep patterns, become an unwelcome wake-up call and create an uncomfortable, stuffy environment in the home.

Light Control

Many students find that sleep is disturbed around exam time due to stress and anxiety, but the early summer light can also disrupt regular sleep patterns, prompt early wake-ups and make early nights impossible. To address these issues, all Duette® blinds come in a range of three transparencies: translucent, which allows light to gently diffuse into the room; semi-sheer which provides both light and privacy; and completely opaque, the perfect blackout option. There is also the option to mix and match the fabrics, so using a semi-sheer during the day and blackout at night.

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Blackout blinds can help to create a peaceful haven allowing for a deeper, more restful sleep and a natural wake up time when the body is ready. A good night’s sleep can help to boost performance and concentration the following day as well as reducing anxiety levels.

Optimal Climate

Keeping rooms at a consistent temperature, regardless of the weather outside, as well as allowing fresh air and light into the room is key to creating a comfortable environment and boosting concentration levels. All Duette® blinds have a ‘climate control’ insulating action which means rooms stay beautifully cool in the summer months as well as warm and snug in the winter.

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Block out distractions

It’s easy to turn off a TV, stereo or radio, but unpleasant room acoustics can be harder to manage and often difficult to block out. Duette® black out blinds not only block out 100% of sunlight, but they also greatly improve acoustics due to their sound absorbing properties. Offering effective and measurable sound reduction by up to 45%, Duette® blinds are perfect for optimising the indoor sound climate of a room.

Colour Schemes

With colours shown to have an instant impact on our feelings and emotions, the weeks leading up to revision time could be the time to rethink a bedroom colour scheme. Blue is thought to trigger a relaxation response, slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure with its soothing and calming shades. Green, with its association with nature can be visually soothing and create a relaxing and serene environment whilst yellow is known to stimulate the intellect.


It makes complete sense to make the connection between a tidy space and a tidy mind. A decluttered environment can help to reduce anxiety and increase confidence as well as boosting productivity levels. Invest in storage boxes and shelving to house and organise loose items, keep revision notes and textbooks in their own area organised by subject and keep walls and flooring clear of clutter. Minimalist furniture also can help to create clean lines and provide useful storage.

With exam pressure and stress seemingly at an all-time high, just a few small steps can help to create a calming and inspiring environment for studying which also continues to deliver benefits throughout the year. Why not re-assess your study space now and see what a difference you could make?

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