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Top tips for sleeping soundly this summer

Bedroom Blinds

Summer is finally around the corner with its promise of long sunny days, warmer evenings and sunshine (fingers crossed!), but all that extra light can wreak havoc with bedtime routines and sleep patterns. Early morning light can mean a much earlier wake-up call than planned and lighter evenings can spell disaster for bedtime routines and early nights.

So how can we be sure we still get the sleep and rest we need during the summer months? Here we share with you our top tips to ease the transition into summertime sleeping.

blackout blinds

Duette® blackout blinds available from

Blackout blinds instantly transform a room into a dark and peaceful haven for children, babies and adults alike. Duette® blackout blinds effectively block out 100% of the sun’s rays and are made to measure and professionally fitted to the exact shape and size of your windows – ensuring there are no unsightly gaps which can let in unwanted light.

relax and unwind

Make sure you relax and unwind at least 30 minutes before turning in for the night to ensure a more restful sleep. Minimise technology and screen time and instead opt for reading, yoga, meditation or simply a chat with a loved one.

prioritise comfort

The Fine Bedding Company Breathe Duvet, from £45,

Ensure your bed is as comfortable as possible – pillows and mattresses are the two pillars on which your body rests so getting these right is incredibly important. Investing wisely in a new pair of pillows or a mattress enhancer can make all the difference to a sound night’s sleep whilst a lighter tog duvet will stop overheating in summer.

Why not try ‘smart bedding’ such as The Fine Bedding Company’s Breathe Duvet which has a unique temperature control action.

keep cool

Duette® blinds available from

Rooms should be no more than 17ºC for a comfortable night’s sleep so Duette® blinds are a must to deliver impressive climate control benefits. During summer months, an innovative coating on the blind fabric reflects as much as 78% of external heat, ensuring rooms are a comfortable and consistent temperature.

avoid sugar and caffine

We all know how tempting it is to indulge in chocolate in the evening, but the caffeine and sugar content can lead to a restless night. Opt for decaf coffee and tea if a hot drink before bed is a must.

A good night’s sleep can deliver results almost immediately; increasing productivity, improving mood, boosting the immune system and even reducing high blood pressure and anxiety. So why not give our tip tops a try to help you to sleep more soundly this summer.

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