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Trick or treat? Choose Duette® Blinds and enjoy both!

It’s almost time for the scariest night of the year. Pumpkin lanterns are popping up everywhere, children and adults are creating their creepy costumes to host horrifying Halloween parties and take the children out trick or treating. Yes, it’s Halloween but this year, you don’t have to decide between trick or treat. Choose Duette® energy saving blinds and you can enjoy the luxury of both.


The ‘trick’ behind the Duette® energy-saving blinds collection is the fact they incorporate unique technology which makes them extremely energy-efficient. Their clever honeycomb design traps air and minimizes heat loss from windows. Windows are an area of the home common for heat loss, which is why Duette® energy saving blinds are a great addition to any property.

And this is the ‘treat’ element – Up to 46% more heat will be kept in the home, helping to reduce heating bills by up to 25% annually. Treating homeowners to more energy efficient homes and helping to save money with lower annual bills.

Plus they look great. Duette® blinds are available in more than 300 colour, texture and transparency options – the perfect blind to complement existing colour schemes and all styles of decoration.

You can create a bespoke look for rooms by choosing a ‘top-down/bottom-up’ action for Duette® blinds. This allows light in at the top of a window, rather than being limited to just raising the blind up. They can also be motorised, perfect for those windows that are difficult to reach, and operated with a PowerView® Motorisation system that allows multiple blinds to be operated via a smart phone, tablet or remote control.

Duette® blinds are the original energy saving blind and the result of many years of research and development, so that you can have the perfect blinds for your home that mix style and a practical function.

With their classic pleated appearance, these clever blinds will insulate windows effectively and create a stylish look at the same time. They are suitable for all rooms in your home, including conservatories, which tend to lose lots of heat through their glazing. Wherever you choose to put your Duette® blinds, you’ll notice the difference straight away because you’ll have a comfortable temperature all year round. Best of all, you’ll reduce your heating bills too.

With Duette® energy-saving blinds, you’re getting tricks and treats in one winning combination – what could be better?

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