Custom Shaped Blinds Created For You

Do you have an oddly shaped window? Think it could be hard to get the right blinds for it? Think again. No matter what the shape or size of your windows, Duette® energy saving blinds can be custom-made to suit you.

This means you can take full advantage of the amazing benefits Duette® window blinds have to offer, on any and every window in your home.

With Duette® energy saving blinds you can also enjoy cheaper energy bills and a warmer home, a stylish and sophisticated finish, ultimate privacy and easy-to-use technology.

Let’s take a look at what makes Duette® blinds such a brilliant prospect for you.

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Made To Measure To Fit Your Room

Custom shaped blinds

Stylish Designs

Stylish Designs

A stylish appeal is a must for any home and whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, lounge or bedroom, you’ll want something that’s aesthetically pleasing. Duette® energy saving window blinds provide the ultimate combination of style and functionality to give your home the perfect finishing touch.

Duette® blinds come in a range of stunning colours to put the choice in your hands. Find a style and colour that matches your own taste and personality to really make the most from your investment.

Kids bedroom blinds

Child Friendly

Child Friendly

Child friendly designs are a must, as when children grow so does their curiosity with the world. Unrestrained cords, loop chains and wires can be hazardous to young children. Duette® blinds offer a range of child safe operating systems including PowerView® Motorisation that lets you control your blinds from your smart phone , tablet or remote control.

If you prefer manual control, choose SmartCord® and LiteRise® – designed with safety in mind without unsightly dangling cords or wires. The cordless Literise® system lets your raise and lower your blind with just one hand. The SmartCord® option has just one retractable cord which can be gently pulled to set the blind’s height and the blind stays right where you place it.

LiteRise blinds



In our home we always want to retain our privacy and we don’t want the whole world watching our every move, but we also want to allow natural light into the home as well. Now you can get the best of both worlds.

Keep your home affairs private whilst choosing your own transparency level to see outside when the blinds are lowered. This is great during the day when you’re watching TV as well, because Duette® blinds block up to 99% of the sun’s glare.

custom shape window blinds

Energy Saving

Fed up of your expensive energy bills? Then it’s time to take action, and Duette® energy saving window blinds provide you with the control and solution you need. These blinds help you to keep your home warmer in winter by keeping up to 46% more heat inside. This means you don’t need to turn up the thermostat so often, and can save a small fortune on those heating bills.

In those hotter summer months Duette® energy saving blinds are just as clever, blocking up to 78% of the outside heat and keeping your home cooler.

Energy efficiency is a hot topic as national companies continue to increase their gas and electricity costs, so it’s certainly the right time to do something about it and protect your expenses.

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