Living Room Blinds

Your lounge is one of the most important rooms of your home, and now you can complete it beautifully with stunning Duette® energy saving window blinds.

Style, beauty and comfort are what’s needed in the lounge, and Duette® blinds provide the perfect solution because they combine all this with amazing energy saving properties.

Find out why Duette® energy saving blinds are replacing curtains in so many homes, and fast becoming the most popular window styling for discerning homeowners.

View the gallery of amazing lounge blinds and take a look at the features below.

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Create The Perfect Look

Duette living room blinds

Bringing Style And Sophistication

When it comes to the lounge you’ll be looking for style, beauty, and comfort. Duette® blinds offer all this and more. They look amazing and you can personalise your blinds with styles based on your taste and preference.

As well as this there are no long dangling wires and loose cords. Instead of these, Duette® blinds come with LiteRise® or SmartCord® systems, both simple, easy to use, and completely child safe. This gives you the practicality you need whilst ensuring you have the beautiful appeal of stunning blinds as well.

Living room blinds

Ensuring A Warmer Home

Energy bills are on everyone’s mind, especially as the major suppliers seem determined to keep increasing prices. And that’s what makes Duette® energy saving blinds such an attractive option for your home.

Fed up of paying more than you should on bills? Duette® blinds are the answer; with advanced insulating technology they can help you keep as much as 46% more heat in your home in the winter, meaning you’re not paying to heat up the outside world. You can make significant savings on a yearly basis with Duette® blinds, and make a real difference to your energy bills.

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Living room blinds

Keeping Your Life Private

Whether it’s the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen or even the lounge, we want to keep our lives private. When the lights are on you don’t want the neighbours opposite to be able to see you lounging on the sofa. So with this in mind, Duette® energy saving blinds come with fabric options to allow the light in and allow you to see out, but without letting others see in – so you get to keep your privacy whilst fully enjoying your environment.

Duette® blinds also cut the sun’s glare by up to 99% so it’s easier to watch TV during the day, and protect your furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays – all great examples of how the unique blinds can help to make your life more comfortable!

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