Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds have always been a popular choice; however, pleated blinds don’t have energy efficiency or sound absorption benefits, which is why Duette® blinds have their own unique design. Duette® blinds offer a innovative honeycomb feature which retains heat inside your home, rather than letting it escape. Additionally during summer they reduce heat coming into your home from the suns rays keeping your room cooler.

Energy efficiency is certainly something to consider as the average household bill has doubled since 2004. With Duette® blinds you can reduce your heating bill by up to an impressive 25% as more heat is locked inside.

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Perfect Environment

pleated blinds

Perfect Environment

Perfect Environment

In the summer months you can avoid a hot and sticky environment, as the unique technology keeps heat outside. This Duette® blinds feature is something not found with usual pleated blinds.

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Another of pleated blinds downfalls is their use of long cords or wires. These can be unsightly and may even tangle or twist. Instead, Duette® blinds offer their revolutionary SmartCord® and LiteRise® systems, to make life as convenient as possible.

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With LiteRise® you can simply control the height of your blinds with one hand, whilst the SmartCord® blind includes one short cord which is gently pulled to set the desirable height.

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