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Duette® energy saving blinds provide a sleek and sophisticated appeal that suits every single home, no matter the property or the room. From kitchens to bathrooms, and living rooms to bedrooms, there are the perfect Duette® window blinds for you.

They take a similar look to the ever-popular pleated blinds, but are singled out with a clever design to help retain more heat in your home.

The soft, elegant and stylish colours give you an opportunity to personalise your very own window blinds and create the ultimate haven for peace and relaxation. The Duette® blind range is complete by having a modern, sleek appeal with no unsightly cord holes and minimal wires.

Duette® blinds offer an amazing choice of colours to cater to everyone’s taste. You can find 12 excellent tones, exclusive designs and three transparency levels so you can decide the level of privacy you desire.

Duette. The Original Energy Saving Blind Made in Britain

Filtering Light And Insulating Your Home All Year Round

Free hanging blinds

Free Hanging

The Duette® blind range is available in three different opacities, giving you the ultimate control for light and privacy. They provide excellent style and sophistication, with no visible lift cords to create a clean effect.

Day and night blinds

Day And Night

A unique two-in-one installation allows you to combine contrasting fabrics, with seemingly endless options. Your Duette® blinds can be fitted with two different levels of transparency, allowing your own personal approach.

Top down bottom up blinds

Top Down/Bottom Up

The top-down and bottom-up range of Duette® blinds gives you excellent versatility in how they open up. You get the best of both worlds, sliding from the top or bottom, or even combining the two.

Moving And Tilted Windows

How awkward would normal blinds be on a tilt and turn window? Fortunately Duette® blinds have a superb solution and they’re fixed onto the frame, so they move with the window. No hassle or inconvenience.

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Original Duette

The Original Duette® Blind

Having spent many years researching and developing the perfect blinds for your home, we are proud of the outcome; Duette® energy saving blinds give you a unique range of benefits you simply won’t find anywhere else. Although there are other honeycomb type blinds available, Duette® blinds are the original energy saving blind, with over 20 years of development to bring you the perfect combination of style and functionality.

The Duette® blind technology has been extensively researched, tested and verified, and you can buy original Duette® blinds with confidence, knowing that it will bring you beauty, comfort, style, and welcome savings.

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