Duette® blinds

Duette® blinds are the original energy-saving honeycomb blinds. Made from high-quality materials, the unique structure of Duette® blinds can help to reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 55%, lowering energy costs.

About Duette® blinds

Discover how Duette® blinds provide the perfect combination of style, energy efficiency, and light control.

Our service

Find out more about our partner Thomas Sanderson, their bespoke service, and how this benefits you when ordering Duette® blinds.

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How to keep a home cool

We share five ways to create a cooler and more comfortable environment at home, without resorting to air conditioning.

Energy saving blinds for kitchens

Blinds for kitchens need to be practical as well as stylish; here are some key considerations when choosing yours.

Tricky & unusual shaped window dressing solutions

Statement windows make stunning features, but they can be difficult to dress. Choosing a bespoke solution is a good idea.

Duette® conservatory blinds

Energy-saving blinds can help regulate the temperature of your conservatory in summer and winter.

Duette® skylight and roof lantern blinds

Thermal honeycomb blinds are perfect for skylights and roof lanterns, providing light control and preventing heat loss.

Duette® door blinds

Energy-efficient blinds are the ideal solution for patio doors, uPVC doors, and bi-fold doors.

Duette® gable end blinds

Duette® blinds can transform gable and shaped windows, offering complete control over light and privacy.

Duette® bay window blinds

Honeycomb blinds for bay windows are practical and stylish, providing an insulating barrier at the glass.

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