About Duette® Blinds

Duette® blinds have been expertly developed to bring you a combination of beautiful contemporary design and innovative functionality. As one of the best energy efficient blinds on the market, they offer a range of unique benefits.

Combining style with functionality

The innovative honeycomb design of Duette® blinds traps air and provides an effective insulating barrier, minimising heat loss from your windows and helping reduce your energy bills by up to 25%.

Benefits of Duette® Blinds

  • Reduce heat loss by up to 49% in the winter, so you can turn down the heating and save on your energy bills
  • Keep your home cool in the summer by blocking out up to 78% of the sun’s heat for a more comfortable space
  • The unique structure acts as a sound-proofing layer, absorbing up to 45% of outside noise so you can relax in your home with peace and quiet

Styled around you

With a huge range of colours and patterns, plus blackout and sheer finishes to choose from, Duette blinds are suitable for any room and any style. Plus our Somfy® motorisation system makes operating your blinds easy with our remote control.

Service you can depend on

Our end-to-end service will ensure your new Duette® blinds are perfectly made to measure to your windows. From a free consultation with a specially trained advisor to find the right solution for your home, right through to a professional fitting at a time and date to suit you.

Frequently asked questions

Will I save money with Duette® blinds?

Duette blinds work by creating an additional layer of insulation at your windows. This not only stops cold draughts coming in, but also reduces the amount of heat from your home that is lost through the windows by up to 49%.

With more heat staying inside your home, you should use less energy keeping your home heated – saving up to 25% off your annual energy bills.

Are Duette® blinds child safe?

We consider child safety a top priority. All of our blinds are designed to be child safe, without cords or chains in reach of little hands. As standard, our blinds are fitted using our patented tension technique which doesn’t use lose or free-hanging cords to operate the blind.

We also offer other methods of operation, such as our motorised Somfy® system that has been designed with both functionality and beautiful design in mind.

What rooms are Duette® blinds suitable for?

Duette® blinds are suitable for any room in the home – not only do they look beautiful, they’re durable enough to withstand everyday life. Visit our rooms section to see how Duette® blinds can work around your home.

Are Duette® blinds easy to use?

All of our blinds are really easy to operate, with a range of corded, cordless and remote controlled options to suit everyone.

Can Duette® blinds fit any window?

Duette® blinds can be custom-made for your home to fit any shape or size you need, including gable ends, conservatory roofs and skylights.

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