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Blackout Blinds

Do you find your sleep disturbed when the sun rears its head in the morning? You’re not alone because once light starts flooding into the bedroom it can be difficult to sleep.

This is why our range of colourful blackout blinds have become such a popular feature in British bedrooms. With blackouts fitted you can sleep in peace, which is great for during the week and even at weekends when you have that well-deserved lie-in.

If you have a south facing bedroom then you’re probably all too aware of the sun’s glare and blackout blinds will eliminate the problem.

There are plenty of other reasons to choose Duette® blinds. This includes reducing heat loss by up to 46% in the winter and keeping out the sun’s heat in the summer, which helps to avoid a hot and sticky bedroom at night. Duette® blackout blinds are also available in our complete range of colours and patterns.

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Perfect Blackout Blinds

Energy Saving Blinds

Energy Saving

Fed up of your expensive energy bills? Then it’s time to take action, and Duette® energy saving window blinds provide you with the control and solution you need. These blinds help you to keep your home warmer by keeping up to 46% more heat inside, reducing your energy bills by up to 25%.

Eliminate Light

It’s time to enjoy a better night’s sleep, which is why the superb Duette® blackout blinds were created. Stop waking up with the sun and start every day in the right mood. At the weekends you can even enjoy that well-deserved lie-in without the sun’s glare in your face.

Blackout blinds
Black out blinds

Complete Control

Controlling your home’s environment will provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere all year round. Unique Duette® window blinds have a honeycomb design to keep your home warmer in the cold winter months and cooler in the summer.

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