Alexa, Close the Window Blinds

May 22nd, 2018

Did you know Duette® electric blinds can now be operated by voice control? Automating Duette® blinds (with their insulating properties) not only saves energy when heating the home but homeowners now don’t have to lift a finger to operate them! The PowerView® Motorisation system that offers precise control of Duette® energy-saving blinds to lower and raise blinds automatically has been designed for compatibility with most home automation system technologies on the market – including Amazon Alexa (Echo) and the Google Assistant and nest with Apple Homekit coming soon. No speaker? No problem: PowerView® is also compatible with Apple® iOS and Android™ tablets and mobile devices via the PowerView® app to expand the function of a wireless home. Kirsty Hunt, spokesperson for explains more:

Child's room with hot pink Duette smart blinds operated by alexa

“The trend for automating our homes shows no signs of slowing down as consumers embrace new and affordable technologies in domestic spaces that make our lives much easier and more efficient. And getting more vocal with our appliances is becoming the norm.“One in ten UK homes now has a smart speaker and industry forecasts expect this figure to soar in 2018 – with some predicting that 40% of homes will own one by the middle of the year¹. Currently 22% of smart speaker owners use their devices to control home devices¹, so there’s a real opportunity in a growing market for automated products that link seamlessly with voice control technology. “Many homeowners are used to adopting voice control for heating and appliances, PowerView® motorisation works in a similar way and is revolutionising our homes.”

Large modern conservatory with Duette conservatory smart blinds for alexa

Kirsty Hunt added: “We strive to stay at the cutting edge of new window blind technologies. Our innovative energy-saving blinds and operating systems are constantly being developed to offer better ways for consumers to be more efficient and save on energy consumption as they update their décor. “This new system meets consumer demand to operate a major style element in our homes – window blinds – either by voice, at the touch of a button or remotely.”

Blinds can be operated remotely from any location, allowing homeowners to adjust the light, temperature and privacy of their homes when they’re not in the house – or even anywhere nearby – blinds can be operated from anywhere in the world!

Modern living room with large windows fitted with Duette smart blinds for alexa

Taking things further, a programmable system also means blinds can be automated to rise and lower at set times. Intuitive light-sensitive technology sets blinds to raise and lower based on sunrise and sunset times for optimum light control.

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