Get ready for the UK’s coldest winter for 10 years

October 1st, 2018

Weather forecasters are predicting another freezing winter in 2018; in fact it’s expected to be the coldest for 10 years, with months of heavy snow!

So there is no better time to get homes prepared for this extreme UK winter by adding energy efficient blinds at windows – a sure-fire way of cheating the chill and staying toasty warm indoors; and Duette® blinds are the ‘ultimate product’ for a cosy home.

Of course, with Duette® blinds you can save money on heating bills too

We love the winter months and so it’s always a pleasure scouring the media and Internet for cosy home ideas. Read last year’s blog post on how Duette® blinds can help

We’ve also got more ideas for creating a cosy home over on our Pinterest profile, which you can find at

Here are our other five top tips for getting homes warmed up for winter:

1. Layer up in the lounge with thick throws

A home can’t really ever have enough throws that look great when casually layered on either a sofa or a bed. You can then snuggle under them when it’s time to get comfy and cosy. Faux fur throws are our favourite adding texture to home furnishings.

2. Snug as a bug in a rug

Rugs not only look great but can create additional warmth underfoot. ‘Shaggy’ or long pile rugs are very much on trend at the moment. They come in array of colours too – from bright pinks to hues of blue. Or if Gen Z yellow is your thing then this rug is ideal for you.

3. Under the duvet

Now is a great time to ‘tog up’ for winter. A duvet’s tog rating is an indication of its warmth. More specifically, it tells you the effectiveness of the product’s thermal insulation. The scale ranges from cool and lightweight (around 3 to 4.5 tog), up to a maximum of 15 togs. A duvet that offers maximum versatility throughout the year is a Four Seasons duvet. It comprises of two duvets – one 4.5 tog for summer and one 9.0 tog. Both duvets can be combined to create a warm and cosy 13.5 tog duvet for the ultimate in winter warmth.

4. Comforting hot water bottles

Hot water bottles are something we probably all enjoyed as children – but don’t keep them tucked away in a cupboard, they’re a great item to have on hand for extreme cold winter nights. There are also some really great designs around in fabrics that will complement interior choices.

5. Banish draughts with an excluder

Draught excluders can make a room feel cosier by preventing unwanted cold air from creeping through under external or internal doors. Like with hot water bottles, there are some really fabulous fabric designs available to blend in with room decors.

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