Saving Energy in Period Properties

Britain’s architectural heritage is celebrated and sought after. With almost half of all properties in the UK over 100 years old, there is no shortage of charming period homes to choose from. Yet the reality of living with high ceilings, timeworn structures, drafty windows and original wooden doors can often mean a chilly home that is tricky to insulate and keep warm.

Large period windows fitted with Duette energy saving blinds

Adding modern-day conveniences such as double glazing can be fraught with practical and legal issues. However, Duette® blinds are available as a money-saving solution that can help warm up traditional homes in time for winter.

What are the issues with insulating an older property?

Double glazing is usually at the top of the list when modernising a property. 50% of domestic heat escapes through windows and doors, but changing the aesthetics or structure of an older building is often not an option.

Large period windows in varying shapes fitted with Duette energy saving blinds

Period houses are also more likely to be listed or in a conservation area, which can create legal complications when tackling home improvements and limit options for how homeowners can alter the outward appearance of their residence.

Beautiful original features such as sash or bay windows would be lost or ruined with the addition of double glazing.

Pre-1920’s homes were not built with modern-day insulation techniques in mind and often have single skin or solid walls, meaning cavity wall insulations is off the cards. Many also have loft conversions installed making loft insulation impossible.

Large windows fitted with Duette energy saving blinds

Duette® blinds – an energy and money-saving solution

Duette® blinds can be fitted to any window (including sash windows or bay windows) with just a few screws, limiting damage to window frames and providing a non-permanent energy-saving solution.

They can curb the amount of heat lost through windows by up to 46%.

With hundreds of colours and textures available there is something suited to beautiful period interiors from any era.

Duette® blinds are a temporary adaptation that can be easily rectified should the homeowner decide to move or update their decor.

With the added benefits of sound absorption (up to 45%) and a blackout fabrics to choose from, Duette® blinds the perfect solution for a peaceful nights sleep.

For more information on Duette® blinds, request a brochure or arrange an in-home design consultation.

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