Take The Heat Out Of Your Conservatory This Summer

A conservatory is one of the most aesthetically pleasing rooms within a home, especially in the summertime, with natural light in abundance and beautiful uninterrupted views of the outdoors. However, the wide expanses of glass can make this beautiful room challenging when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature. Either swelteringly hot with too much glare or really chilly in colder weather, a conservatory can often never seem to be ‘just right’. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Large conservatory with Duette conservatory roof blinds to keep the heat out

Duette® blinds bring a number of clever features to conservatories. As well as looking great, Duette® conservatory blinds help to maintain a constant temperature throughout the year and control light, deliver privacy and can also be automated.

Colourful living space with large windows fitted with coral Duette blinds to keep the heat out

Conservatories can suffer from something similar to the ‘greenhouse effect’, where heat radiates into the window, diffuses, and cannot escape again, causing the area inside to become stifling. And in some cases rendering the room unusable at certain times of the year.

Kirsty Hunt spokesperson for Duette® blinds, experts in conservatory blinds, offers this advice on how to prevent conservatories from overheating during the hot summer months. Bring on the heatwave!

Install heat-reflecting Duette® blinds

Duette® blinds can help to keep conservatories at a constant temperature throughout the year.

“Due to their honeycomb structure, combined with an innovative coating on the window-facing side of the blind, they have heat-reflecting qualities. In fact, independent tests have shown that they can reflect up to 78% of the sun’s warmth. But the benefits of Duette® blinds don’t stop at climate control; they also block up to 99% of UV rays, which helps to protect furniture and wallpaper from fading, keeping them looking newer for longer.”

Modern living space with Duette conservatory roof blinds to keep the heat out

An extra room in the house – all year round

Duette® energy-efficient blinds reduce the heat entering through your windows in the summer and reduce the amount of heat escaping through double glazed windows by up to 55% during the cooler months. By keeping the temperature constant despite the season, they can make the conservatory what it should be – a cosy extra room in the house that you can use all year round.

Traditional living space with large conservatory fitted with Duette roof blinds to keep the heat out
Duette conservatory roof blinds to keep the heat out
Large conservatory with Duette roof blinds for heat reduction

Don’t forget the roof!

Duette conservatory roof blinds to keep the heat out

“The conservatory roof is sometimes overlooked when it comes to blinds and this can be a major cause of overheating, as the sun is warmest when it is at its highest. Homeowners may be concerned that roof windows are an awkward shape and perceive that it’s difficult to find blinds to fit them, however, Duette® blinds are handcrafted and made to exact measurements, meaning they will fit any shaped window perfectly. What’s more, the specialist roof system we install means that once fitted, our blinds will never sag, drop or twist.”

Sleek finish and superior functionality

Duette® conservatory roof blinds can be operated with a top-down/bottom-up function, allowing homeowners to position their blinds to limit glare as the sun moves across the sky yet still allow light to flood into the room when required and maintain views.

Conservatory roof fitted with Duette energy saving blinds to reduce heat

There are no exposed hanging cords, wires or visible cord holes with Duette® blinds, meaning homeowners can enjoy all the heat protection benefits but with the additional advantage of a neat and streamlined finish.

Automate blinds to maintain a comfortable temperature

Duette® blinds can be operated with a Somfy® Motorisation system that allows multiple blinds to be operated via a remote control. This is a must for conservatories where roof blinds and windows can be hard to reach.

Person on a tablet selecting Duette blind colours
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