Duette® Blind Colours

Duette honeycomb blinds

From Soft And Subtle To Bright and Vivid.

Duette® blinds are available in a wide range of blind colours, from soft and subtle pastels, to warm and earthy tones, and even bright and vivid displays. The unique blinds also feature a stunning range of duotone colour options.

Dining room blinds

Range of Blue Blinds

Blue window blinds provide a calm and tranquil mood to any room in your home. They’re perfect for the bathroom and many homeowners even consider blue blinds for their bedroom. Speak to our expert advisors for more information on our range of blind colours.

Red blinds

Range of Red Blinds

Red window blinds instantly create a warm and vibrant appeal in your home. They’ll look great in your living room but try to avoid them in the bedroom where they could create the wrong mood. Find out more on our range of colours from our expert advisors.

Cream window blinds

Range of Cream Blinds

Cream has always been viewed as a neutral colour and as such, is suitable for any room in your home. Your cream blinds will match the existing tones and styles in your home, so speak with one of our Duette® blind experts to find out more.

Range of Purple Blinds

Purple is a colour on the rise, adding a wonderful tone to your home which is calm yet inspiring. Purple window blinds are perfect for your bedroom and with many shades to choose from they are suitable for living spaces too. Find out more on the full range of colours by speaking to one of our qualified experts.

Green blinds

Range of Green Blinds

Our range of stylish Duette® green blinds are suited to many rooms in your home, such as the living room, kitchen and bathroom. They provide a bright and vivid appeal which looks stunning when combined with natural light. Talk to one of our expert advisers for more information on our blind colour range.

Brown window blinds

Range of Brown Blinds

Many homeowners wouldn’t consider brown window blinds because of the misconception that it’s a dull colour. But this couldn’t be further from the truth; different shades of brown can give a stylish and sophisticated appeal to your living areas. Speak to one of our trained advisers to view a full range of Duette® blind colours.

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Your Colour Range

Duette duotone blinds

Duotone and Fulltone

Duotone fabrics provide a white streetside colour for enhanced solar reflection and consistent streetside appearance. Fulltone fabrics offer the same colour on the front and back.

Kitchen blinds

Light Control and Privacy

Our blinds are a wonderful design choice for optimal light control and privacy, with an unrivalled range of exclusive textures and designs. This includes ornamental burn-outs and elegant jacquards.

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