Beauty meets functionality

Duette® blinds are the perfect solution for your conservatory, helping you control privacy and climate to make it a more usable space throughout the year.

Climate control

With their honeycomb structure, Duette® conservatory blinds help trap in warmth through the winter months and keep heat out in the summer, so you can use your conservatory year-round.

Maintain privacy

If your conservatory is overlooked by neighbours, Duette® blinds are made with a delicate fabric that diffuses light into a room while protecting your privacy.

Electric blinds

Add Somfy motorisation to your Duette® conservatory blinds, allowing you to effortlessly open and close your blinds using the remote control.

Precisely made to measure for your conservatory
Keep warmer in winter by reducing heat loss by up to 49%
Keep out as much as 78% of the sun’s heat in summer

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