Creating the perfect environment

Your conservatory roof is key for temperature control, as heat is lost through the winter and let in during the summer. The insulating properties of Duette® conservatory roof blinds can help control this and even save energy.

Climate control

Duette® conservatory roof blinds are the smart way to save money on your energy bills, reducing heat loss through winter and keeping heat out on hot summer days.

Perfect match

As well as being precisely made to the shape of each roof panel, your roof blinds can use the same fabrics and colours as your conservatory windows – creating a uniform finish that looks beautiful.

Meet the Pebble®

With its discreet and contemporary design, Pebble® lets you operate your conservatory roof blinds at the touch of a button. Add up to 99 preferred settings or set a timer to position your blinds throughout the day.

Precisely made to measure for your conservatory roof – even unusual shaped panels
Reduce heat loss by up to 49% in winter, keeping you warmer
Keep out up to 78% of the sun’s warmth in summer

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