With over 20 years of development and innovation, Duette® blinds bring you the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Energy saving



Privacy control

Sound absorbing

Made to measure

Energy saving

With their special honeycomb structure, Duette® blinds create an effective insulating barrier at your windows.

Energy efficient by design

Reduces heat loss by up to 49% in the winter

Helps lower your energy bills by up to 25%

Keeps heat out during the summer

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Electric blinds

Control your Duette® blinds with a Somfy remote control, a convenient solution for windows that are out of reach.

Somfy electric blinds

Operate blinds in hard-to-reach areas like conservatory roofs

Blinds are battery powered – no wires or cables needed

A neat solution with no hanging cords or chains

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Blackout options

Add our specialist lining to your Duette® blinds to help reduce light levels in your room – perfect for bedrooms.

Product features

Reduces the amount of light coming into your room

Tension fitted to the window surrounds to minimise light leaking around the blind

Mylar foil lining adds extra energy saving benefits too

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Privacy control

If your room is overlooked or front-facing, Duette® blinds are perfect to allow you to maintain privacy.

Privacy at your fingertips

Control the privacy in your home with Duette blinds®

Operate your blind from the top and bottom, for control over light and privacy

• Choose blackout options for extra privacy

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Noise reduction benefits

The insulating barrier created by Duette’s® honeycomb structure is also effective at reducing outside noise.

Keep noise pollution outside

Reduces noise from outside by up to 45% for a more peaceful room

Ideal for windows that face out onto busy roads or neighbourhoods

Also great for bedrooms and children’s rooms

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Made to measure

Duette® blinds are specially made to the size and shape of your windows, ensuring a precise fit every time.

For the perfect fit

Maximise the energy efficiency of your blind with a precise fit

Fit almost any size or shape window, so your whole room can match

Made in the UK by our skilled craftspeople

child safe
design consultation
to measure
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